About kisombwa

About Kisombwa Ranch

At Kisombwa Ranching Scheme, we want to work together in ways which nurture teamwork, enhance individuality, and accomplish the mission and objectives of Kisombwa depending on the quality of our staff’s work.The main activities on the farm are Cattle Grazing, Goat Raring, Slashing and Clearing Fields, Maize Cultivation and many others.

We believe that each one of us has unique special skills, which when nurtured and deployed properly will build Kisombwa Ranching Scheme into a great working place. We also know that with so many differing skills and abilities among us, we have both the capacity to trip over one another in the process.

our mission

To Maintain the highest Level of Standard in Delivering beef needs to the citizens of Uganda, East African and the outside world.

our vision

To be the leading beef producer in Uganda

our values

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Open Communication
  • Team Work
  • Speed
  • Efficiency

Farm Experts

Cattle Growth

Eucalyptus and Pine Forests (Hectares)


meet our staff

With long experience in farming and organic food producing, our team of experts proudly offers the best quality products.We value both individual skills and teamwork, and therefore are concerned to find the right balance in our work together as Kisombwa Ranching Scheme staff.

Milly mubiru

Milly mubiru

General Manager/Director

Fred Kasaija

Fred Kasaija

Accounts Manager/Director

martin kalungi

martin kalungi

Board Member

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