We’re all about our staff, community and welfare of our livestock.

About Kisombwa Ranchers

The farm started in 1978 with only 9 heads of local ankole cattle, 4 goats and 2 staff members.

By the year 1995 the farm had grown to 200 heads of local ankole cattle and in the year 2000 we entered into specialized farming of Boran beef cattle that has put our herd stock at 1044 as per 2016. The farm produces matooke, a local food (Banana) on 22 acres which is complemented with a Eucalyptus and pine forest that sits on a 160 hectares plot of land. In an effort to preserve organic material we don’t use chemicals to fertile our fields but rather animal manure from our cattle and goats.

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    Welcome to Kisombwa Ranchers

    We are one of the leading boran beef breeding cattle centers in Uganda. Boran is a famous cattle breed that produces quality beef. We currently rear breeding boran bulls that are sold to customers looking to enter the arena of ranching. We also rear South African Boer goats, famous for their meat.

    Our Services

    Farm Tours and Experiences

    We welcome visitors to our farm for educational tours and immersive farm experiences. Individuals, students, or groups can learn about…

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    Educational Workshops

    We organize educational workshops and training sessions on various aspects of agriculture and livestock management. These workshops aim to disseminate…

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    Farm Equipment Rental

    We offer farm equipment rental services to farmers in need of specialized machinery. Whether it’s tractors, plows, or other agricultural…

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    Slaughter and Packaging

    With our planned expansion, we will introduce slaughtering and packaging services for meat products. Customers can rely on us to…

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    Milk Cooling Facility

    Our milk cooling plant provides a convenient and hygienic solution for small farmers in the area. We offer milk collection…

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    Crop Husbandry Services

    In addition to livestock, we extend our expertise to crop husbandry services. We assist farmers in optimizing their crop production…

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    Our Core Values

    Quality and Excellence

    We uphold a commitment to delivering the highest quality of Boran beef cattle and South African Boer goats, ensuring our customers receive superior breeding animals and meat products. Our continuous pursuit of excellence drives every aspect of our farm operations, from animal care to consultation services.

    Community Empowerment

    We believe in empowering our local community through various initiatives. Our milk cooling plant provides support to small farmers, and our consultation services equip neighboring farmers with knowledge to enhance the quality of their produce. We actively engage in community development projects to improve the livelihoods of those around us.

    Sustainability and Organic Practices

    We prioritize sustainability in all our farming activities, promoting organic practices and minimizing our environmental impact. By using natural fertilizers, maintaining a diverse ecosystem, and implementing eco-friendly technologies like solar power, we strive to be stewards of the land and ensure its fertility for generations to come.

    Innovation and Continuous Improvement

    We foster a culture of innovation and embrace modern technologies to enhance our farm’s efficiency and productivity. By seeking continuous improvement in our breeding practices, farming techniques, and overall operations, we stay at the forefront of the agricultural industry.

    Animal Welfare and Ethical Treatment

    The welfare of our livestock is of paramount importance. We provide our cattle and goats with a comfortable and stress-free environment, allowing them to graze freely and ensuring their overall well-being. Ethical treatment of animals is a core value that guides our daily practices.

    Integrity and Trust

    Our business is built on a foundation of integrity and trust. We maintain transparency in all our dealings with customers, partners, and employees, ensuring open communication and ethical conduct at all times. Our reputation for honesty and reliability is fundamental to our success.

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