We’re all about our staff, community and welfare of our livestock.

Boran cattle are renowned for their high-quality beef production. They possess traits such as disease resistance, adaptability to different environments, and excellent meat characteristics. Breeding Boran cattle can enhance the quality and productivity of your ranching operations.

South African Boer goats are specifically bred for their superior meat quality. They have a high meat-to-bone ratio, excellent growth rates, and good carcass conformation. Their meat is flavorful and tender, making them an ideal choice for meat production.

To purchase breeding animals from our farm, you can contact our sales team directly. They will provide you with information on available stock, pricing, and any additional requirements for the purchase. We can also arrange visits to our farm for you to personally select the animals.

We offer a range of services for livestock management, including veterinary services, consultation on breeding techniques, animal health check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, and advice on nutrition and general care. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting the well-being and productivity of your livestock.

Yes, we offer farm equipment rental services to assist farmers with their agricultural operations. We have a fleet of well-maintained equipment, including tractors, plows, and other machinery. Contact us to inquire about availability, rental rates, and terms and conditions.

Absolutely! We welcome visitors for educational tours and farm experiences. Whether you’re an individual, a student group, or an organization, we can provide informative tours where you can learn about our farming practices, animal care, and sustainable agriculture methods. Please contact us in advance to schedule your visit.

If you are a small farmer in our locality, our milk cooling facility can be a valuable resource for you. You can bring your milk to our plant for safe and hygienic storage and cooling. This eliminates the need for long-distance transportation, reduces costs, and ensures the freshness and quality of your milk.

Yes, we prioritize organic farming practices and strive to minimize our environmental impact. We do not use chemical fertilizers on our fields, opting instead for animal manure from our cattle and goats. Our commitment to sustainability extends to all aspects of our farming operations.

As part of our expansion plans, we are aiming to introduce slaughtering and packaging services for meat products. This will allow us to provide hygienic, high-quality meat cuts to the market. Please stay updated with our announcements for more information on when this service will be available.

If you are interested in our consultation services or educational workshops, please reach out to us for more details. We can provide information on upcoming workshops, training sessions, and opportunities for collaboration. We value knowledge sharing and community engagement in promoting responsible agriculture.