We’re all about our staff, community and welfare of our livestock.

About Kisombwa Raching Scheme

We are one of the leading boran beef breeding cattle centers in Uganda.

Boran is a famous cattle breed that produces quality beef. We currently rear breeding boran bulls that are sold to customers looking to enter the arena of ranching. We also rear South African Boer goats, famous for their meat.

Background & Development

The farm started in 1978 with only 9 heads of local ankole cattle, 4 goats and 2 staff members. By the year 1995 the farm had grown to 200 heads of local ankole cattle and in the year 2000 we entered into specialized farming of Boran beef cattle that has put our herd stock at 1044 as per 2016. The farm produces matooke, a local food (Banana) on 22 acres which is complemented with a Eucalyptus and pine forest that sits on a 160 hectares plot of land. In an effort to preserve organic material we don’t use chemicals to fertile our fields but rather animal manure from our cattle and goats.

There is a variety of flora and fauna on the land, being close to a forest reserve we are in the constant contact with several animals from the game reserves. In order to extend our income we also rear South African Boer goats that are also know for their meat. We pride ourselves as being one of the farms that pioneered this breed of goats in 2001 and have been recognized by Uganda Beef Producers Association (UBPA) for organic livestock rearing. Our cattle spend more than 200 days in a year freely grazing in open paddocks, this contributes to the animal health quality of beef.

The entire farm is fenced off with live fence to protect from our neighbors cattle carrying in diseases and pests and to support our efforts in pest control, we dip once every week.

In an effort to assist farmers around us, the management in 2014 invested in putting up a milk cooling plant with the aim of assisting the small farmers around us to be able to sale their milk without having to move long distances and hence reducing their costs. The dairy has a capacity of 10,000 liters and is filled every 3 days. We currently don’t wired electricity so we use solar to light and diesel to run heavy machinery for the plant.

Because of the growing need of meat for the Ugandan market we are not really faced with competition. We are looking at expanding soon into slaughtering and packaging meat for sale to the market. We are hoping to start with 50 animals for slaughter a week as we expand the project. The Congo boarder is slowly opening up and we are looking to tap into that market for processed and packaged meat.

We also provide consultation services for the farmers within our locality. We extend Veterinary and crop husbandry services allowing to sensitize our neighbors on how to improve on the quality of their food and meat products.

All our efforts are driven to improve and motivate our staff and communities around us but most importantly the welfare of our livestock.


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Meet Our Team

Milly Mubiru Kasaija

Director & General Manager

Milly, with 14 years of experience in HR roles at organizations like PACE and IRC, is passionate about capacity building in performance management, recruitment, and staff development. She has a consultative background, specializing in HR management, policy development, and promoting inclusivity in marginalized communities, particularly focusing on women and people with disabilities in the farming sector to enhance household income.


Martin Karungi

Director of Operations

Martin Karungi, Director of Operations at Kisombwa Ranching Scheme, combines a technology background with a deep passion for livestock and horticulture. Leading with innovation, he oversees operations, excelling in livestock, aqua, and pasture management. Martin's strategic vision ensures the well-being of the ranching family, sustainable aquaculture, and thriving pastures, guiding Kisombwa Ranch toward a prosperous and ecologically responsible future.


Fredrick Kasaija

Director Finance & Accounting

Fredrick, 53 years old , is a hands-on Agro-produce and Cost Management Consultant. He has 20 years of experience in the developing and managing of Cow-Calf production systems, Grasses and fodder production systems, Coffee and cocoa growing and processing systems. With the University background of Economics, Accountancy and Public Administration ,he has worked with various companies to maintain staff payrolls, provide tax consultancy, business planning and advisory services, cost control and procurement management.He has a passion towards improving incomes for the youth of Uganda.


Felix Odong

Manager of Pastures & Agronomy Practices


Dr. Paul Kiiza

Farm Manager


Stephen Wafutu

Incharge of Forest Department


Michael Mugisa

Head of Goats Department



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